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Sun, Joe - Some Old Memories (1988-1993) CD

19,90 € each

Sun, Joe - Some Old Memories (1988-1993) CD

Available Format: CD
Orig. Release Date: 1993
Genre: Country
Total Playing Time: 41 Min.
Label / Number: Crazy Music SP829 (9305)
EAN Code: 9005127008299   
1. Some Old Memory    
2. Doreen   
3. Twilight Zone   
4. Savannah Is Blue   
5. You Sure Took My Time   
6. Slow Motion   
7. Up On The Hill   
8. Hank And Bogart Still Live   
9. Could I Stay With You Tonight   
10. One Tear At A Time   
11. Out On The Road   
12. Remember Me    

Tracks 1,5,10 rec. at KMH Studio Stockholm, Sweden by Joe Sun & Country Minstrels
Tracks 2-4, 6-9, 11 orig. released on Dixie Frog, France
Track 12 Duet With Trond Granlund, orig. released on Fox Records, Norway


Drums: Clyde Brooks, Randy Hauser, Anders Lövmark, Roy Yeager
Bass: Geir Knutsen, Joe Osborn, Dave Pomeroy, Jack Ross, Hakan Sahlin, Roy Vogt
Electric Guitar: Max Troy Barnes Jr., Larry Chaney, Ray Flacke, Gregg Galbraith,
Bill Hullet, Tor Langbraten, Richard Wesley, Rolf Wetterskog, John Willis
Acoustic Guitar: Göran Danielsson, Leif Ottesen, Göran Sahlin
Rhythm Guitar: Gregg Galbraith, Bill Hullet, Brent Moyer, Bruce Watkins
Pedal Steel Guitar: Stu Basore, Paul Franklin, Janne Lindgren, Scott Sanders
Dobro: Paul Franklin, Janne Lindgren
Fiddle: Gene Hicks, Bo Nilsson, Bruce Watkins, Jon Yudkin
Mandolin: Bill Booth, Bruce Watkins, Jon Yudkin
Keyboards: Ron Godfrey, Gary Prim, John Propst, Willie Rainsford
Harmonica: Trond Granlund
Accordion: Jan Tore, Lauritsen
Tambourine: Tore Wildhauer

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